A Forward-Thinking Partner for Financial Advisors
& Their Business Owner Clients

Helping business owners achieve optimal financial results through collaboration with their financial advisor.

Tax and Business Financial Consulting for Your Business Owner Clients

As a financial advisor, you are dedicated to providing exceptional service to your clients, but working with business owner clients presents unique challenges.  The complexities of their business finances often lead to communication gaps between you, the client, and their CPA. This disconnect can result in missed opportunities for proactive tax planning, causing stress and financial surprises at tax time.  Additionally, the lack of forward-thinking business guidance can hinder your ability to provide comprehensive personal financial advice, affecting client satisfaction and loyalty.  The absence of a cohesive financial strategy that aligns both business and personal finances can make it difficult to fully support your clients’ overall financial health and growth.

A Powerful Partner for your Business Owner Clients

At Fiduciary CFO, we manage your client’s business finances with the same forward-thinking, highly communicative, and consultative approach they receive from you when managing their personal finances.  Every month, we ensure that their books are clean and accurate. We then take it to the next level and prepare multiple tax projections throughout the year to ensure we adjust their tax plan based on fluctuating income. Finally, we go beyond their books and look to the future of their business through budgeting, forecasting, and goal setting. We fine-tune their business financial goals and coordinate with you to ensure the client’s business and personal financial progress keep moving forward.

With Fiduciary CFO, your business owner clients get:

  • A one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive tax, accounting, and business planning package designed for business owners.
  • Monthly meetings, so you always know their business’ current financial health, allowing them to make confident financial decisions professionally and personally.
  • Proactive, planning-centric tax advice, not just a recap of what happened last year after it is too late to make adjustments.
  • Year-round attention with easy access to your CPA anytime (even during tax season).
  • An executive team that includes a forward-thinking CPA and a tax-conscious CFP® professional.

With Fiduciary CFO, Financial Advisors get:

  • A dedicated partner who complements your financial advisory services, focusing on business finances while you focus on personal finances.
  • Seamless communication and collaboration, ensuring you are always in the loop regarding your client’s financial matters.
  • Enhanced trust and deeper relationships with your business owner clients by solving their critical pain points related to CPA services.
  • Confidence that your clients’ tax strategies are proactively managed, reducing surprises and stress at tax time.
  • The ability to offer a truly comprehensive planning experience to business owner clients, enhancing your value proposition.
  • Immediate benefits from year-to-year tax and business cash flow planning.
  • Long-term benefits through stronger client retention and AUM growth, especially when clients sell their businesses.

Our white-glove service includes all of the following:

Monthly Accounting

The foundation of all good business planning begins with timely and clean books. At Fiduciary CFO, we work in your client’s books monthly to ensure everything is properly recorded and ready for taxes. We also use this information to help build a robust cash flow plan. By partnering with us, you can ensure that your business owner clients have their financial records meticulously managed, supporting their overall financial strategy.

Business income can fluctuate greatly depending on market conditions. At Fiduciary CFO, we conduct multiple tax projections each year to ensure there are no surprises at tax time. As part of our all-inclusive services, we also prepare the following for your business owner clients:

  • Business Tax Return and K1s
  • 1099s
  • Personal Tax Returns for All Owners
  • Multiple Tax Projections for All Owners

By partnering with us, you can offer your clients proactive and comprehensive tax planning and preparation, enhancing their financial stability and confidence.

Tax Preparation & Planning

CFO Leadership

CFO Leadership

Clean books are necessary for taxes, but budgeting and forecasting are essential for making sound business decisions. Knowing how your clients are spending their money and planning for future income and expenses will ensure their financial stability.

Digging into their financials and making them useful is essential to a successful business. Our service will help customize their reporting to make it more meaningful. Working with us, your clients will receive:

  • Customized Financial Statements tailored to their specific needs and business structure.
  • Business Cash Flow Budget to help understand what cash they really have to use for owner distributions, firm reinvestment or outside investment.
  • Benchmarking Analysis to measure against industry standards, leading to informed decisions that drive competitive advantage and improvement.
  • Business Goal Setting and Accountability to ensure they always have a plan and are working towards the next milestone.

We are intentional when it comes to the “other” areas of your client’s business, where a second (or third) set of eyes can be critical to plug holes, or capture opportunities.  We’ll provide our professional insight on any matter, and where appropriate, can coordinate and run point with outside professionals/legal counsel in areas that are beyond our expertise.  Some examples include:

  • HR / Employee Benefits / Compensation Structures
  • Partnership Agreements / Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Planning
  • Internal Processes, Both Financial and Client Service
  • Commercial + E&O Insurance Coverage

Executive Team Insight

Financial Advisor Collaboration

We collaborate closely with financial advisors to provide seamless financial management for your business owner clients. This partnership ensures that all aspects of their business and personal finances are aligned, offering a holistic approach to their financial health. 

The result is better-coordinated strategies, fewer financial surprises, and a unified team working towards their best interests. Our collaborative efforts help clients achieve their financial goals more efficiently, providing peace of mind and fostering deeper trust in their advisory team.

We work exclusively with business owners because we live it, know it, and love it.

We are business owners too.  We have spent the last 20 years working with financial advisors and/or their business owner clients.  In 2014, we co-founded FA Bean Counters: the first-ever virtual tax and bookkeeping firm targeting RIAs and Independent BDs.  This experience gave us a unique view of what firm owners (and their advisors) need and how best to support them – which is why we launched Fiduciary CFO in 2022.

Our interactions with financial advisors and business owners has shaped our mindset regarding the CPA and advisor-client relationship.  We discovered a lack of forward-thinking guidance and coordination for business owners regarding their overall financial picture.  Business owners’ personal finances are closely tied to the health of their businesses.  Many business owners have been successful despite their tax and accounting professionals looking backward, not realizing there is a better way.  By collaborating with Fiduciary CFO, financial advisors can offer their clients a more integrated and proactive approach, ensuring their financial success.


Fiduciary CFOʼs pricing is based on the complexity of your client’s situation, number of owners, etc.
Please contact us so we can learn more about your client and we will gladly provide you with a quote.

1 Owner Business - Begins at

$ 3,000 Per Month
  • Monthly Accounting
  • Business & Personal Tax Preparation and Planning
  • CFO Leadership & Reporting
  • Executive Team Insight
  • Financial Advisor Collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have questions about what it’s like to work with Fiduciary CFO. See our most popular answers below. Something we missed? Let us know.

How does pricing work?
Our pricing is based on complexity. Single-owner businesses have a $3,000/mo minimum fee. Multi-owner businesses have a $4,000/mo minimum fee.

This engagement is a Business-to-Business consulting agreement, so it is billed to the client's business.
How do I start with Fiduciary CFO?
As with all good partnerships, we want to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

To get started, we ask that you (or your client) click the SCHEDULE AN INTRO CALL button so that we can learn more about you and your business and so that you can get a feel for what it will be like to work with us.
Do you work with any type of business?
Here's what a typical business client for us looks like:

  • Number of Owners: 1 to 3
  • Annual Revenue: $1 million to
    $10 million
  • Employees: 5-20
  • Service Based Businesses

More FAQs

We use QuickBooks Online in order to efficiently serve our clients.  We have a strong preference for all clients to use QBO.  If the business is using QuickBooks desktop or another accounting software, we can discuss the transition process so we can most efficiently work together.

We file your business tax return, issue K1s (if applicable) and file the personal tax return for all partners/shareholders.

Yes.  As part of our ongoing tax planning, we will calculate (and update as necessary) estimate taxes due for all partners/shareholders. 

Yes on a case by case basis. Retroactive accounting/tax prep outside of the regular Fiduciary CFO work would be billed separately and varies based on complexity.

Yes. Fiduciary CFO is powered by Wright Accounting Group, LLC. Kitrina Wright, CPA / Wright Accounting Group, LLC would represent the client's business (or the client individually) in the event of an income tax audit.

Good question.  Like all answers to good questions in financial planning: "It depends".  We aren't interested in only doing monthly accounting or only doing tax prep.  Our value is driven by the seamless integration between the services we offer.   With that, there could be a situation where the business owner has bookkeeping/QBO handled in-house and they need everything else we offer.  We would entertain that type of engagement.  We're happy to chat through those instances when they come up.  When in doubt, reach out.

No, we won't.    First, and most important, that's just bad business.  Since 2007, we built our individual tax practice, Wright Accounting Group, LLC, primarily from client referrals from our large network of financial advisors.   To this day, those advisors continue to send us their clients without fear of any poaching.  Second, Wright Planning, LLC is a lifestyle practice and we have every intention of keeping it that way. 

No sorry.  We fully understand that finding a good, responsive CPA is impossible for your W2 clients these days.  We just aren't built for that work.  So the best we can do is make you look like a hero for your business owner clients. 

Considering our clients come to us from their existing financial advisors, we don't frequently have the opportunity to refer clients out who don't have financial advisors.   

No we do not, but we will advise the business owner or someone on their staff how to streamline and/or automate those processes.

Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call with us to discuss your firm’s needs, and we'll take it from there! Click the Schedule An Intro Call button in the navigation to find a time that works.

We aim to onboard no more than 2 new clients per month, so that we can devote adequate time getting up to speed with each new client. With this limit, we avoid negatively impacting the level of attention that existing clients receive.

We are built to serve, not built to scale. Therefore, we are working with a limited number of clients to provide the comprehensive, high-touch experience our clients deserve.

Contact Us

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